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Technology is not a solution

It is however a facilitator…

Actually, before I upset a huge demographic I should perhaps clarify my sweeping generalisation in the headline.  Technology is very often a solution; however we must not forget that machines, software and the myriad of technologies available to us as businesses and individuals are more often than not ways to more efficiently and effectively get something done.

I am currently fairly obsessed with my iPad and have become a little more “app happy” than usual during the last couple of weeks as I try to make it a truly efficient business tool.  In particular my focus has been around writing and file transfer apps.  With a touch here and a tap there I can research articles, read content and produce copy on just about any subject a client needs.

At this precise moment though… I am sitting on an empty train station platform awaiting my final connection home.  My phone is in my pocket, the iPad is tucked away and I am using… A pen and paper (pause for the shock to sink in)… Admittedly I was driven to these dire straits by a dead battery.  But now I am here, writing my thoughts out in longhand (something I often do when it comes to poetry) it has given me a chance to consider where it is that creativity lies.  It is not in the tools we use but the people wielding them.

With or without his Mac, our designer is still a talented artist, with or without her camera our photographer, Phillippa Gedge, takes a damn good photo.  It is after all the people in a creative agency that make it… A creative agency.

It is not the music we listen to, the technology we use or the way we dress that makes us creative – many argue a suit and tie stifles creativity yet Thomas Edison wore a tie to work and still achieved incredible things.  It is instead the way we apply ourselves, the way we absorb knowledge and above all the way we make that information our own that defines our individual creativity.


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