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Tis the season to be jolly…

This week we’ve focused on winding things down ready for Christmas. While mostly it has been tying up loose ends, there are exceptions. Following a talk with a PCO at ABPCO’s AGM and Excellence Awards, they mentioned one of their clients was looking for PR coverage. From following this up and working hard to pull together a great pitch, winning a contract with them is looking promising.

Otherwise this week was akin to the last, filled mostly with editing our videos for APBCO and making sure they were all wrapped up before Christmas (no pun intended). As the last work day of year looms, they have been completed in plenty of time for our shutdown ready to be uploaded and shared after Christmas. Prior to now, I have had little experience in editing but learn things best by working hands-on. After many hours spent on these videos over the last couple of weeks I’m excited by how much more confident I feel; ready to tackle further editing jobs in the future.

Spare moments have been spent on making our website a little more SEO friendly and thinking up content for Soaring’s own social channels. Being so busy these last couple of months has left us without time to focus on our own online presence. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution for Soaring could be to make a little time each week for focusing on ourselves – some “we” time. I’ve got some ideas for videos and tweets to at least talk about from the start of the year but I’m hoping 2018 will bring a few new and exciting opportunities for us.

This week is finishing a little earlier than normal on a Thursday as tis the season and all. So what better way could there be to celebrate Christmas than with a lunch of burgers and a full rack of ribs! Despite being a not-so-traditional choice, we had a great lunch and it was a lovely way to round off the year. Plus, it got us a great shot to upload to our Instagram!


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