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Editing, editing and more editing

Never a dull week at Soaring! Being based in the South West meant we had been inundated by snow over this weekend and come Monday morning, there was no chance of commuting to the office. However, this was not an issue as I had my laptop with me and had been left with plenty of content to work on remotely. While I am still learning, it’s far more convenient to be working in our office. Asking a question aloud to get an instant reply is unfortunately difficult to match via email. In this case however, it turned out that the nature of the work meant few questions would need to be asked, proving such an absence to be of no hindrance.

The bulk of my work this week has been focused on watching, sorting and editing all the video content gathered the previous Friday. Before now, I had little experience in editing so became pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it felt getting stuck into it. Using a new type of software meant an inevitable learning curve but, the more time I spent, the better my understanding became, and confidence grew.  Beyond video work this week I also began adding descriptions to our website’s photo library. Doing so should provide greater access for more users as well as improve the site’s SEO over time.

Wednesday spent at college was focused on sound. This included how, why and where sound gets used in things; the ways it can be recorded or manipulated; and the different types of recording equipment appropriate for a range of scenario’s in the media industry. While initially I was sceptical about the topic, by the end of the day it that obvious that was an unfair opinion. In fact, it has probably been one of the most interesting and informative sessions so far. I found it stunning just how powerful use of sound could be, both in a physical and emotional sense.


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