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New year, better us.

Not even 3 days into the New Year and we are straight out of the starting block this week. Really this works well for us as many of our clients don’t get back into things until next week and so we’re given a chance to get ahead. Of course, there is always plenty to be doing regardless! Plus, we came back to the good news that a previous client in Japan has asked for some new pieces of work.

Tuesday was a nice way to be eased back into everything. I worked out of the office so got on with things that could be done remotely, nothing too intensive. I knew that there was a pile of bits to get on with first day in the office so was pleased to be able to get lighter jobs out of the way first!

Following this, we were back in the office on Wednesday as college also doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. The start of the month means social stats for our clients needed updating. I actually quite enjoy getting the numbers together and seeing the trends over time. I think it’s because I like trying to work out why the numbers are up or down. More SEO needed doing on our website throughout this week. I also started writing the tweets for our own twitter which are mostly testimonials for previous and current clients. There is still work that needs doing on a montage for ABPCO, but it is not far off the condition it needs to be for getting published. Just a couple of things are left; timings, adding some still shots and putting a title screen at the start.

We dedicate some time each day to talk about our clients, so I am aware of who they are. We talk about what we’re doing for them, what we’ve done in the past and other details. I’m glad to be doing this as it helps my learning and wider knowledge. So far, all my best understandings of clients has been through actually doing things or meeting with them.

Going through the calendar for the next couple weeks has shown that we going to be busy! I won’t say much since dates can be fickle, but it looks like full-on couple of weeks. This isn’t to say I’m not excited to meet most of the people we work with. At the very least, it’ll be a huge help when I can put the names I see all the time to some faces!


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