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B is for “Blog”

Blogs can be so many things… in particular, your online personality, soap box and outlet for comment.  Unlike a website they can be more personal, relaxed and above all – interesting!

Communicating through a blog is just one of the many communication methods available in the modern world.  Of course, the concept of a blog is not new and it actually started as the digital adoption of the old tradition of writing a diary… with one simple difference, the ability to publish thoughts online. In business, blogs are great way of communicating informally with wider audiences both externally and internally. Blogs can be used to tell a story or express an opinion about something. Ideally, for business communications, they are an effective tool to build a two way relationship with consumers or a specific audience.  Why two way – because of the ability to post comments and respond.

Blogs fill a strategic vacuum in a brand or a company’s communication process with their wider audience. They sit between advertisements and customer services by creating a relationship where individuals do not feel bombarded but have the chance to air their views on the products and services they consume.

Why all the effort – well a cynical and quick answer is the fact that as dynamic and living sites, search engines love them.  However, more importantly, blogs demonstrate the fact that you are part of your chosen industry, a commentator and opinion maker.  They show the world you are engaged and evolving – adapting to suit a changing business environment.


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