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Natalie’s thoughts on the Paralympic Games

On Wednesday 29th August 2012 the much anticipated Paralympic Games will begin and everyone at Soaring Worldwide is very excited.

Reputation Manager Sarah will be travelling to the Games to watch the Equestrian competition, having already watched the Dressage during the Olympics. As an avid equestrian rider herself, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it greatly and will be ‘Tweeting’ throughout the day!

I will be watching the Paralympic Games as eagerly as I watched the Olympic Games – online during my lunch hour and tuning in whilst I’m at home.

I’m proud that this is the first Paralympic Games which have been sold out, especially proud that it is in Britain, but I’m not surprised at all. As a result of the amazing achievement the Olympic Games brought to Britain and the incredible atmosphere it created, the Paralympic Games are set to be on the same level.

Jessica Ennis winning Gold in the Heptathlon was a favourite achievement of mine and although the hype of the Olympics is now starting to die down, as the Paralympic Games start, the hope is that all the support and love we saw from Britain for the Olympic Games (and Team GB) will come pouring back, giving all our Paralympic athletes a massive boost.

The success of the Olympic Games will no doubt encourage lots of spectators, lots of support and a lot of visitors to the Olympic Park for the Paralympic Games.   Just like the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games will no doubt, be another marvellous event  bringing Britain together once more before the Closing Ceremony on 9th September. I will be sad to see the Games finish but I hope the legacy it will bring to this country will be overwhelming and encourage more young people to become athletes.


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