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Meet the Team – Matt Hunt

Following on from last month’s entry where we welcomed Ben to the team, Soaring Worldwide has the pleasure of introducing our new Senior Account Executive, Matt Hunt, into the team. Let’s learn a bit about him shall we?

Prior to joining the talented team here at Soaring Worldwide, Matt graduated from the University of Bath with a First Class Honours degree in Applied Computing. His degree in Applied Computing equipped him with both the technical knowledge and skill to build a career in Digital Marketing.

Since completing his studies he has flexed his talents working for Apple in a retail environment; leading customer facing workshop tutorials and enriching customer lives. Following Apple he took a marketing role with a health insurance company exploring pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and design, social media and more.

From the man himself:

“Whilst Marketing is a standout passion of mine, its not the only area I have skill within. In the last twelve months I have developed a new talent… Okay, it’s a questionable ‘talent’ but an achievement in my eyes none the less. Jack, or Jackabean (jack-a-bee-an) as he is affectionately known is a 5 year old Scottish Highland Terrier that my family and I rescued about 4 years ago now. He’s a determined little dog, and let’s just say that on occasion, he likes to misbehave. I took it upon myself last year that I would train him – well at least make him sit before he gets a treat. In our household it was a bit of a joke, nobody thought it was possible. I’m happy to say that under a year later Jackabean now sits, shakes a paw and even rolls over to get his treats. (Most of the time). Therefore, I feel I can now add to my list of talents “dog whisperer”. If nothing else, this at least shows my dedication and patience in what could be seen as a challenging situation, and the rewards are fantastic – Britain’s Got Talent, here I come! (Maybe next year…)

On a more serious note, I love Marketing (nearly as much as I love Diet Pepsi). I have a keen eye for design and often fawn over a good font. I’m thrilled to have joined this fantastic team at Soaring Worldwide. Marketing has so many facets and a whole host of opportunities just waiting to be explored to improve both internal and external communication and branding. With Soaring Worldwide as my new home I’m hoping I can build upon my existing skill set, share my knowledge and create a lasting impression on us and our clients.”


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