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D is for “Discovery”

‘Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has been thinking about and nobody has thought’- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.

In the exciting world of communication, coming up with creative messages and ideas is more about discovering what we all know but don’t often speak.  And, depending on the situation it can also include the bigger challenge of discovering people who share your dreams, ideas and motivation.

Discovery is a process of trial and error. It requires persistent effort in terms of marketing and networking. It involves speaking about your business and not just meeting but also recognising people whose ideas converge with yours. Discovery also takes place as a result of good research and the tenacity to be constantly engaged with your subject. It involves going beyond the apparent.

At Soaring Worldwide, we just don’t just accept our clients’ opinion of their current situation but also conduct our own research, taking the time to understand how else we might help them.  How?  Where possible, we like to get right inside a business, understanding how it works and the industry it operates within. We keep track of the latest developments in market behaviour, policies and comments – as well as understanding how our clients are perceived by those around them.

In fact, it is through the very process of discovery that we are able to take our clients on a communication journey. And let’s face it – the best journeys are those where you discover something new.


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