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An opportunity to learn

Last week Soaring Worldwide hosted our first ever work experience student. As part of her time with us we asked Annabel to create a blog of the experience…

My name is Annabel Richardson and this week (9th – 13th July) I was at the Soaring Worldwide office on my work experience from Hardenhuish School to learn more about the world of PR and what the job contains.

Monday After arriving at the office I met all of the team and although I had met Sarah and Adam before it was good to see them both again. I also met Beth, and Natalie who was joining the team that day too so it was nice to have someone else in the same boat as me!

My first task was social media based which I really liked, and then that afternoon my job was to research Soaring WW’s clients and pass this information to Natalie who would write up new versions of their “Notes to Editors”. I really enjoyed this as it allowed us both to learn a lot about each client and understand what each of them do. Today Beth also taught me how to take cuttings from a magazine or website where one of their clients has been mentioned. I was able to see the types of stories and releases they wrote and was surprised at how many times they had been published by either websites or magazines.

Tuesday Natalie and I continued researching the clients and writing our notes on them in the morning. In the afternoon, Adam went through them with us, telling us where we got it right, where we could improve and where we needed extra research on the clients.

Wednesday Today, was more of a mop up session for all of the little jobs I’d done throughout the week so far. I completed the research required for the Notes to Editors and finished off following and researching some key people on twitter. This must have had some kind of positive impact because since then the number of followers Soaring WW has on twitter has increased. I enjoyed doing this job in particular because it was quite nice to see that my work had a direct impact on the company’s own PR, even if it was only small!

Thursday I was back on social media this morning, researching companies on behalf of one of Soaring WW’s clients. Once I’d done that, Adam, Sarah, Beth and I all went out for lunch together. It was really nice to have an hour off to talk and get to know them a bit better. When we arrived back at the office, I did some more work on twitter and Sarah gave me a tutorial on client reports, which is a general overview of how a campaign for a particular client is going. I was surprised to see the amount of maths skills required for this, having previously thought PR work was solely English based.

Friday My task for Friday would be getting together three draft press releases for one of their clients, as well as completing this blog. I think that overall this was my favourite task because this is one of the key parts of what PR work is about and gave me a real feel for the work.

Overall my time at Soaring WW has been a thoroughly interesting, exciting and enjoyable one. The whole team were really lovely, and treated me like a proper colleague, trusting me to do “proper” work and not just general office tasks no-one else wanted to do! This placement has really opened my eyes as to what PR contains as a job and has made me seriously consider it as a career path after my GCSE’s. Thank you very much Soaring WW for having me this week, I had a brilliant time and learnt a lot too!

As you can see a busy week for Annabel… We were all really pleased with her work and how she fitted into the team. Hopefully she will come back again next year!


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