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X Factor

In order to be a successful public relations and communications company, you must possess the ‘x-factor.’ Clients will choose to work with your company because you provide them with this ‘x-factor’ – something different that sets you apart from the rest. – So what is that ‘x-factor’? Below we list some of our opinions.

Understanding Understanding what a client needs is one of the most important things when creating a PR campaign or communications strategy. If you do not understand what it is your client wants to achieve, or requires from you, then the rest of the campaign, whether it be through branding, social media or marketing, will not work.

Good Communication Communication is very important between staff at a communications agency and between an agency and its clients. Between staff, there must be good communication because of the fact that there are sometimes many clients requiring different services. Communicating between team members will ensure that work is not doubled up and that the message that the client is trying to achieve is consistent throughout all channels of promotion.

Communication between an agency and its clients is also extremely important. Good communication allows for a good PR or communications campaign as everyone involved is aware of their responsibilities and what they are required to achieve.

Organisation We have many clients with different needs which means we always need to be on our toes knowing exactly what we are doing and what we’ve got to do next. Being organised means we can be more productive and more efficient.

These are just a few of the attributes we believe contribute to our ‘x- factor’ – what are yours?

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