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Understanding what a client needs is the building block to any communications campaign. If you do not understand what it is your client wants to achieve, or requires from you, then the rest of the campaign, whether it be through branding, social media or marketing, will crumble down around you.

Attention must be paid to what a client wants to achieve from their communications campaign. Some clients may want to get a message across, to showcase a new product or to promote themselves and each of these needs requires a different practice by the agency in charge of the campaign.

If you do not listen to what it is you are being asked to do and understand it, then a communications campaign may not be effective. This could be because you don’t understand exactly the point you’re trying to get across, so the client may be promoted in the wrong way, causing problems for their brand and credibility.

As well as PR and communications, one of the basic principles of marketing is to understand your customers well. Companies spend a great deal on researching how their products are consumed by different sections of population based on number of indexes like demography, income etc. Marketing effectively at your target audience is important for long term sustainability of any business.

Much like other businesses, the pr industry depends very much on understanding the needs of the clients and focusing on clients with specific needs and characteristics allows professionals to develop content that is specific to a singular audience.


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