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Tofukuji Zen Buddhist Temple added to Kyoto’s MICE offering

The Tofukuji Zen Buddhist Temple is the latest addition to

Kyoto’s MICE offering following the success of hosting its first event.

Eight years ago the Science and Technology in Society Forum set Kyoto the challenge of finding a venue for the welcome reception of its annual meeting. The venue needs to be different each year and have a capacity to welcome 500 world-famous scientists, politicians, Nobel laureates and industry leaders as well as being a truly Kyoto historic venue.

This year the welcome reception was held at the head temple of the Tofukuji School of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. The temple was built in 1236 on the instructions of Kujo Michiie, the great statesman of the Kamakura period and is one of the Five Great Temples of Kyoto.

During the event, where the world gathered to make connections under one great historic roof, the varied and various national treasure gardens and the main Buddha hall were attractively illuminated, food was provided by the Grand Prince Hotel, Kyoto, while maiko and geiko geisha from Kyoto’s Miyagawacho provided entertainment.

James Kent, Kyoto Convention Bureau’s international marketing manager, comments: “The task set by the Science and Technology in Society Forum was to find a venue which met their specific requirements. Kyoto is rich in culture and it was fitting that one of the city’s most famous temples was chosen to host its welcome reception this year. It is a stunning venue rich in history with many outstanding spaces and tranquil gardens. Following the success of its first event we are pleased to announce it is now available for other organisations to use for corporate functions and that many more visitors will get to experience it within the business environment.”


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