Time I played to my strengths

It is not that I am giving up… I simply recognise a weakness that can be overcome with a small change.

I love canoeing.  I have been paddling boats of one sort or another since I was about six and can’t even imagine how many miles I have covered or rivers I have travelled.  In simple terms you have a choice when paddling: canoe or kayak – the difference between the two actually has little to do with the boat but boils down to whether or not you have a a single (canoe) or double (kayak) ended paddle

In a totally unrelated incident a couple of years ago I broke my collar.  What I have discovered recently is this means I can no longer kayak without a great deal of pain, but I can still canoe.  I am sure that with the right physio, doctors etc I could make an improvement on the kayaking front but it has been made fairly clear to me that it will never be comfortable.

So I have done some soul searching and thinking.  What is the point in putting myself through the pain involved in kayaking.  I have always preferred canoes anyway, I am better at paddling them and they hurt less.  It was time to put aside the fact that I wanted to kayak occasionally and focus on what I really loved doing and was better at in the first place.  I held back making this decision before because it felt like giving up.  It isn’t, instead I am focusing on something I am better at and more capable of achieving.

It is a similar and recurring story in business – so often we talk to clients who are pushing in different directions, uncomfortable with their choices and unsure of the “message” they want to portray.  I firmly believe we should all push ourselves and explore new areas commercially and personally but there is a limit.  It is always worth investigating the less trodden path and striving to be different, even when it causes some difficulties – but never to the detriment of what you do well or above all, what you are trying to achieve in the long term.

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