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Meditate your way to better learning

Meditation is excellent for your mind and body. It is a way of focussing your energy in one place, removing obstacles in your mind and is a way of relaxing your whole body.

In public relations, meditation can help us to focus our minds on the task in hand or make room in our minds to take on new information. By doing this, we are able to be more engaged and in tune with our clients as we are open minded, focussed and relaxed.

At Soaring Worldwide, we schedule in 10 minutes every Monday morning to practice meditation to refresh our minds. Though we have tried it only a couple of times, it has made us more relaxed and more engaged with our work. Alongside meditation, most of our staff are also involved in some serious sports like canoeing, horse riding, swimming and yoga to keep  themselves fit and rejuvenated, much like meditation does.

Research conducted by one of our clients in Kyoto, Japan, discussed the benefits of mediation and found that it produces a significant improvement on learning outcomes in meetings and conferences if delegates participate in at least 10 minutes of

meditation before a meeting.

The study was conducted by Reverend Matsuyama, a Zen Buddhist priest.  The study was undertaken on the assumption that even a short period of meditation at the start of a study session helps clear the mind and allows the person to take in more of the taught material than if meditation is not practiced. The study had astonishing results and research findings state that delegates can achieve an average of 12.5% higher retention of content if they meditate prior to a meeting.

Meditation therefore is something for everyone to think about implementing in their office, encouraging employees to focus their minds and bodies.


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