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Health and safety a high priority, says Certification International

Certification International, a leader in the field of assessment and certification services to internationally recognised standards, says figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)* show companies are taking health and safety seriously.

Certification International believes the ongoing falling trend in the number of people being injured or made unwell in the work place is due to organisations implementing occupational health and safety management systems and gaining certification to OHSAS 18001:2007 – a standard designed to clarify an organisation’s impact on health and safety issues.

Certification International is accredited by UKAS to assess companies to OHSAS 18001:2007 – the latest health and safety standard. The standard can be adopted by any organisation wishing to implement a formal procedure to reduce the risks associated with health and safety at work and aid legislative compliance. It is compatible with a number of other management systems including ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 27001 (information security).

Certification International’s managing director John Pymer says: “It’s good news that the number of people being injured or made ill at work is falling. But there is still a lot of work which can be done to reduce this further. The most effective way of doing this is by gaining certification to OHSAS 18001:2007. Having a formal health and safety system in place minimises the risk employees and outside parties may be exposed to. If employees feel safe in the environment they work in it can improve overall business performance. Achieving OHSAS 18001 also means businesses can be confident that their procedures meet the requirements of health and safety legislation. OHSAS 18001 is becoming increasingly important and some contracts stipulate organisations must have it as proof that they can carry out work safely and efficiently. If companies don’t have formal certification for health and safety, it is something they should look at to safeguard themselves and the safety of their employees.”

Certification International is a global organisation which provides assessment, analysis and certification services to companies of all sizes across a wide range of standards.


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