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Dining alone with no phone!

I recently saw an article about British Airways allowing mobiles to be left switched on during the take-off and landing stages of a flight. I cannot remember the exact figures but there was a huge statistic about the amount of additional time gained by business travellers on a global scale. It was essentially:

At the time it all sounded very logical… Until I found myself sat alone in a restaurant recently with no phone to browse or book to read (no I hadn’t been stood up) – I was travelling and my phone was on charge.

With nothing to read, browse or do with my hands I started to think – scary I know! With the pen from my pocket and the various paper napkins from the table, I started to sketch out ideas for a couple of new client campaigns, some of our own marketing material and the initial thoughts for this blog.

It is very hard to take the gadgets away from the modern day employee, nay the modern day human! But when you do, there are boundless opportunities for creativity. Maybe it is something we should all do a little more often – and the technological down time created by airlines seems to me to be a very good place to start.


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