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Deviating from the norm can create amazing results

“Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Earlier this week someone reminded me of the old saying about the path less trodden being the more rewarding…but sometimes it is nice to see proof.  Which is why I am reminded of a situation just before Christmas when I was on a day’s safari in an Indian elephant/tiger reserve of Periyar.

Our driver (who shall remain nameless) was a big fan of the unorthodox.  Instead of following the usual trails he would pull up at the side of the road, wink and say the magic words ‘illegal road”, then disappear down some hidden track.

Given my conservation / green beliefs it is worth pointing out that they were illegal due to the potential dangers to the public rather than conservation work.

The rewards though were well worth it as we were the only people that day to see wild elephants; our jeep was struck by a slightly irritated Cobra and we were chased by a rather enraged Monkey (hence the danger issues).

What is the lesson/moral?  Yes, the unorthodox can be risky and raise a few eyebrows – particularly when you consider the local safety record.  Many times forging your own path can come off badly or fail…but now and then something amazing happens and you appreciate why you were willing to try the unusual.


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