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Barbican event clients to be offered presentation training and rehearsal time

As part of a growing number of additional services, the

Barbican is offering speaker training and rehearsal time to event organisers.  The sessions include the expertise of a voice and presentation coach from the Barbican’s in house team as well as time in the actual meeting room booked for their event.

The new service will provide speakers and presenters with a chance to visit the Barbican in advance of their event, learn more about the space in which they will be speaking and actually practice their presentation in front of an expert, who will be able to advise them on delivery style and technique.

Barbican, general manager, Anthony Hyde comments:  “The main meeting spaces here at the Barbican accommodate 2,000 and 1,100 people.  For the unprepared they are huge spaces and quite daunting.  Taking the time to rehearse in advance, in the actual space where they are due to perform, can make a significant difference to a speaker and therefore the presentation.”

“As companies seek more return from individual events it is vital that they maximise the impact of each and every presentation.  Practice and rehearsals achieve this by ensuring key messages are delivered in an effective and impactful way.”

The Barbican is exhibiting at International Confex from 6-8 March at ExCel London – Stand No. B1923.


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