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Awards Writing – Preparation

When applying for a new job, do you research, plan and practice what you are going to say? Or do you walk in with your head held high; boldly thinking you know everything already?

For most, the answer would be research, planning and practice and this is also true for writing an entry for an award. You need to plan and prepare what you are going to write for the best possible chance of winning.

To be prepared for the award writing process, you must read the information the awards organisers provides. You should look at keywords and make sure you mention them in your entry and make sure you completely understand what it is they’re looking for.

Next, ensure you look at their marking scheme – everything you need to write about in your entry is there. Write your entry in relation to the marking scheme with specific responses to their questions and statements. It is usually broken down into categories and sections which make it easier to understand and also gives you a layout for your entry.

Ensure you provide proof of your successes. There must be evidence of your organisation’s success so there is solid proof as to why you should win the award. It is also helpful to include figures in your entry as it enhances your organisation’s credibility.

Lastly, the writing, grammar and content of your entry must be concise and clear. Although your answers should be elaborate in explaining why you should win the award, it is also necessary that they are easy to understand. Creativity in your award entry will be marked but once again, it must clearly state your point, evidence and explanation as to why you should win the


Soaring Worldwide’s award winning team are able to help with writing award entries. This bespoke service is available on an ad-hoc basis or ongoing basis, depending on your circumstances, taking all the hassle out of awards writing.


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