Awards 2011

In 2011, Soaring Worldwide was hugely successful at encouraging clients to enter a number of awards. We produced a number of entries, writing on the clients’ behalf and proved winning results.

An award ceremony of note was the MIMA’s where clients walked away with award titles such as ‘Business Destinations Award’ among many others. It was an amazing night and was made even better by the success of the client’s entry.

Soaring Worldwide knows how much time and effort is goes into running a successful and award winning business. We also know how much time and effort it takes to write award entries to be put forward for such prestigious awards such as the one above.

This is why Soaring Worldwide offers a bespoke awards writing service for our clients, enabling them to focus on running their business and allowing Soaring Worldwide to demonstrate our writing skills.

These writing skills are award winning and Soaring Worldwide and our clients definitely see results from our actions. The team’s skills have been proved in the following results;

Awards rate for 2011:

  1. Out of the Awards we entered on behalf of clients – we won 22% of them 

  1. Out of the Awards we entered on behalf of client – our shortlist rate was 66%

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