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Are you LinkedIn?

With over 100 million users, business networking site LinkedIn is now one of the easiest ways for career-minded professionals to connect. Yet it’s surprising how many people and businesses are on LinkedIn yet fail to make the most of its potential.

Since it was launched, LinkedIn has grown from a basic system where people posted their employment history and could connect with colleagues into a powerful networking platform.

Simply creating a profile won’t get the most out of LinkedIn. You need to be engaged. But how do you build the perfect LinkedIn profile, or make the most out of the one you have already?

Firstly, is your profile up to date? Many profiles are not as well completed as they could be and lack even basic information or a photograph. LinkedIn profiles should be updated regularly in order to improve your visibility to people who may want to connect with you. Who knows what you’re missing out on if your profile doesn’t have your complete work experience or skills set. The more you have in your profile, the more people can learn about what you can do. Creating a well-rounded profile can help set you apart.

LinkedIn is full of groups for almost every profession and skill set and is an essential part of making the most of what the network has to offer. Groups are the best places to pick up advice and connect with like-minded people, you just need to search and pick

the best groups for you. Joining groups and discussions will give you access to professionals with whom you are not otherwise connected as well as a platform to share your expertise.

Have you linked your company page to other social media platforms? It’s easy to forget there are other places many companies already use to showcase their work but directing users to other websites, such as blogs Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is a great way of increasing awareness of your company to your connections.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals who are looking to discover opportunities. You just need to unlock them.


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