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Why I love working in PR

Most people often curiously ask me what it means to work in PR.  What background or specialisation is needed?   I respond by saying that anyone with a keen interest in communications and open mind can work in PR. For us the sky is the limit and in-depth knowledge about a range of subjects is a real asset.

The public relations industry has been in the heart of the capitalistic structure in most democracies from the early days of 20th century.  The birth of the industry is often associated with ‘yellow journalism’- a spinoff, when the bosses of America’s coal mining hobnobbed with the press to get their point heard to score over the staunch trade unions, which repeatedly went on strike.

However, since then the industry has grown rapidly and has been a driver of media relations for businesses and governments.  A report in the Economist last year said “PR Man has conquered the world. He still isn’t satisfied.” This clearly shows the role of PR in the modern world and its future prospect.

The outburst of social networking sites and the globalisation has added new value and glamour to the industry. Today the issue is not about telling your story to the public in one way communication but it is more about engagement with the global population.

But coming back to the question of what is so exciting about being a PR man. As professionals we work in an industry that draws talent from all sorts of background. We use our knowledge and experiences to work with our clients to ensure that their messages reach the right audience. Part of this comes from our experience, flexibility and diversity of our team, which constantly allows us to enter new sectors and markets.  For example, based on our experience of event industry, and a team of globe trotters, we have great understanding of the travel and hospitality industry. Our passion for cultures and global affairs helps us to understand the emerging markets.

A PR career requires flexibility and adaptability.  We are not defined by geographical boundaries. We love to embrace the world, analyse the requirement of our clients and the need of the audience to deliver credible creative messages. There is another beauty of the PR world, given the diversity of work we do, everyday is a new day at work.


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