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Up North

A round trip to the North West of England threw up some interesting hotels this weekend.

Chester, The Queens Hotel, next to the railway station was very old school. The first room they offered was tired, dated and worthy of a complaint. The result was a switch to a lovely room, with a slightly colonial feel?!?! The staff, especially the doorman were delightful and the happy hour in the bar for residents was a welcome extra. Sadly the experience was marred by dinner in their grill, which was trying to be something more than it was. An overpriced menu and surly staff really didn’t fit the rest of the hotel’s offering. Overall I recommend the hotel if you can guarantee a good room and avoid the restaurant.

Blackpool the next night was an interesting experience… We assumed we would just arrive and find a room. Unfortunately despite being “dead season” the town was packed for an event and the Hilton was the only option. Not much to say other than it was a Hilton so pretty much the same experience as any other Hilton in regional England.

The last night in Morecombe was great. Helen had managed to pull off an incredible deal on a suite at the Midland Hotel. This rooftop room had a private deck with hot-tub, swimming pool sized bath and glorious sea views.

It was a great hotel with lovely staff and plenty of local fish on the menu. I imagine it is a great place to be during the town’s open season.

Note: Soaring Worldwide are privileged to travel and dine in a variety of places around the world. The above establishment is not a client, simply somewhere we wanted to share with our readers.


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