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Eastside Rooms announces agency charter following 56% increase in agency enquiries

The Eastside Rooms, Birmingham, has launched of a dedicated Agency Charter in response to a significant surge in business enquiries and confirmations.


Over the last year, the venue has seen a significant 56% increase in agency enquiries and a 10% growth in confirmations, highlighting the strengthened partnership between The Eastside Rooms and its agency partners.


This new charter is designed to enhance The Eastside Rooms’ collaboration with agencies through improved commission structures, streamlined booking procedures, and solidified payment commitments. Additionally, the charter reinforces mutual responsibilities and a commitment to confidentiality and data protection, ensuring a trustworthy and efficient partnership.


Agency business continues to grow for The Eastside Rooms, further cementing the importance of the Charter, with prospective bookings up by 37% and confirmed bookings by 33% for 2025.


The Eastside Rooms’ director of sales, Leanne Bladen commented: “Our Agency Charter marks a milestone in our journey with our agency partners. The foundation of our collaborative success lies in the relationships we've nurtured over the years, and with this charter, we aim to solidify these working relationship even further. By refining our commission structure and booking procedures, we're not just streamlining our operations—we're building trust. Our commitments on payments and the responsibilities we share are set out clearly to avoid any ambiguities and ensure a smooth partnership.


Leanne concludes: “This charter is more than a set of guidelines; it is a testament to our dedication and respect for the partnerships that have been instrumental in our growth. Together, we are setting a new standard for collaboration and success in conferences and events."


The Eastside Rooms is committed to fostering a supportive environment where agencies feel valued and respected. This charter not only acknowledges the contributions of their partners but also sets the stage for a future of continued success and mutual growth.



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