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PR goals for your own campaign…

A small business owner recently asked me for some suggestions for a PR campaign  he planned to run himself.  Specifically he wanted to try and set some achievable goals.  I thought the subject interesting enough to include a section in the PR guide mention several posts ago… and also thought I would share some of those thoughts here. 

Whilst the following are specifically aimed at smaller businesses they can apply to business of any size.

What do we want to achieve?

Deciding what you want your PR campaign to achieve will be one of the key elements to its success.  But for a small business this should primarily focus on sales and new business.

Don’t be afraid of setting your goals high but always bear  in mind the time you will be able to invest to achieve those heights.

There will of course be a few “soft and fluffy” goals that you may wish to achieve along the way but it is hard sales that will ultimately determine the success of your campaign.

The following are some PR goals you might want to consider.

Our PR Campaign will…

…drive up the sales of our services and products

…raise our profile with potential and current clients (don’t forget – it is easier to keep a client than find a new one)

…build up our database of targets …allow us to shout about the uniqueness of our products and services

…promote our business as an industry / community leader

…ensure our reputation continues to grow

…promote our senior staff as industry experts

…ensure we are aware of and react to appropriate industry issues

…help our business attract and keep top quality staff

To achieve these you could also consider the following goals:

  1. Coverage in at least two target publications each month

  2. Mention on relevant radio stations or TV  shows twice per year

  3. Mention on at least two target websites each month

  4. To speak as an expert at two events/meetings/conventions each year

  5. To win an award each year


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