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No mixed messages with Nexus bags

Nexus Collections has introduced sublimation printing to dramatically improve the impact of conference bags.

Sublimation prints are lifelike graphics which can be printed onto Nexus Collections’ bags. Sublimation is perfect for full colour photos on the front panel of a bag. The result gives bright, vibrant colours which are long lasting and scratch resistant.

Sublimation printing is the application of inks onto a panel of a bag using a heat press. The heat causes the inks to be converted from a solid to a gaseous state enabling the ink to penetrate the material so that a permanent, full colour image is formed. Businesses can create their own unique environmentally responsible conference bag through a choice of different materials, fittings and branding techniques.

Nexus Collections, the world’s leading provider of environmentally friendly conference bags, has seen a significant increase in the number of organisations sponsoring bags for conferences and events. As a result of the introduction of the 4 colour process by screen print, transfer and also sublimation printing many sponsors are now increasing their budget to accommodate the reproduction of their branding in full colour.

Sublimation printing is an easy way to get a message across in an effective way and gives delegates a better experience at their conferences.

Nick Jones, managing director, Nexus Collections says: “Despite the recession, organisations in the conferencing and events industry do have marketing budgets but they are looking at different ways to increase brand awareness and maximise how they spend their budget. Sponsorship of a conference or event can increase an organisation’s awareness through association.”

Sublimation printing is done at Nexus Collections’ factory in China on fabric before construction of the bag to give a seamless colourful print edge to edge.

Note – The sublimation process does not allow for colour control, therefore specific pantone colours are unavailable.


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