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Meetology® Group launches at IMEX Frankfurt

The Meetology® Group includes, as part of its four main business functions, Bradshaw’s attendee performance brand Meetings Mindset®.

The Meetology® Group will also unveil its Meetology® Venue Certification product, through which its team of psychologists work with venues to help create ‘scientifically designed’ meetings and meeting spaces. The Barbican, London will be the first venue to receive Meetology® Certification following a six week project due to start in June.

The Meetology® Group brings together a team of the UK’s leading psychologists and scientists from a variety of backgrounds to focus on the design and measurement of effective meetings.

The Meetology® Group’s offering will centre around four key areas of consultancy, research, speaking and Meetings Mindset®.

Consultancy Whilst initially offering only Venue Certification, Bradshaw will announce plans to launch 2 further certification products later in the year for events and businesses.

The first venue to benefit from Meetology® Certification will be the Barbican, London.  During the summer of 2012, the Barbican will welcome a team of psychologists and architects who will undertake a Meetology® audit.  This will highlight areas where improvements can be made to the layout and design of the centre that are proven to improve attendee behaviour and performance. In addition, the Meetology® Group will be assessing the way the Barbican collates and uses attendee and client feedback to provide a more structured methodology for its use.

Research With a team of world class experts in behavioural measurement, learning, creativity and psychology the Meetology® Group will be undertaking research for the benefit of the industry as a whole as well as on behalf of paying clients.  This includes two specific projects:

The Meetology® Laboratory – based on stand G645 at IMEX, the Laboratory is showcasing the Group’s live face to face research capability. Manned by two leading psychologists Dr Jon Sutton and Dr Paul Redford, the Meetology® Group is conducting live research into the behavioural differences between meeting face to face, online and on the phone. The sponsors of this innovative project are the Barbican, the IMEX group, the PCMA Educational Foundation, the Dubai Convention Bureau and Meetings Mindset®.  The results will be published in July.

Meetings Performance Research The Meetology® Group will also announce details of an online research project into the way attendees of major conferences and exhibitions prepare and perform at their best. Available from 18th May – 22nd June the online questionnaire has been designed by psychologists and hopes to provide insight into how delegates prepare to meet. The results will be published in July.

The links to the questionnaire are:



Speaking With interest in the science behind effective meetings ever growing, members of the group are being invited to present research and findings across the world.  Bradshaw in particular has seen a surge of interest in speaking opportunities, allowing him to spread the Meetology® Group’s message far and wide.

Meetings Mindset® Already an established brand, Meetings Mindset® provides a range of face to face, online and onsite performance solutions to help delegates and attendees improve their meeting performance. It has been a supplier to the IMEX group for each of its last three events, designing an innovative Online Performance Center for IMEX attendees as well as an onsite Pit Stop for delegates to recharge on.

Jonathan Bradshaw, founder and CEO of the Meetology® Group comments:  “Since joining the events industry more than 14 years ago I have been excited by what we could learn from the worlds of psychology and performance science. In our opinion not enough meetings are designed with the behaviour of the attendee in mind and do not measure or track delegate performance in relation to desired outcomes.  The Meetology® Group’s variety of products and services give us the opportunity to work with venues, organisers and businesses to help them create more effective meetings and maximise the performance of those who attend.  We are looking forward to an exciting journey of development and growth.”

Barbican Business Events general manager, Anthony Hyde: “As a changing and growing venue holding hundreds of events each year it is vital that we understand what we can do to help our clients improve their meetings.  We are delighted to be the first venue to apply for Meetology® Certification and look forward to seeing the results of the study come to fruition. We are also excited to be to be sponsoring both pieces of research the Meetology® Group is undertaking.”

IMEX Group CEO Carina Bauer commented: “We were delighted to host the launch of this exciting brand at IMEX in Frankfurt 2011 and are excited to see how it has developed in 12 months. The Meetology® Group’s interest in science and performance is proving of ever more interest to our industry at the moment and as such we want to support it. Innovative initiatives such as the Meetology® Laboratory are a real first for our industry and we hope to continue to work with the Meetology® Group on bringing relevant and useful science to IMEX attendees.”

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