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Light at the end of the tunnel

The following post runs in almost direct contrast to my last so I thought it best to get it online asap…  It also shows that I don’t always moan about venues!

Last night I went to a networking event at a venue that I truly loved – and it wasn’t even a client of ours!  Ingleside House inCirencester  is very new, it is a refurbishment and conference development done right, with a focus on their immediate and core market.

The venue was previously a small private school (for very young children I believe).  When that failed financially some years ago the current owner bought the site and developed a sumptuous five star conference facility.  Whether or not their aim is the high end groups and board meetings it certainly felt exclusive and just oozed quality.  The spaces aren’t huge (max 40 thearte style) but the standard of finish is spot on, the food was excellent and the staff passionate about what they do. 

The technology , whilst almost invisible, is an integral part of the set-up.  In fact I have seen far larger conference and meeting venues lacking half of what they have hidden behind the immaculately finished walls.

Too often venues seem to forget their location and create spaces out of touch with the local environment.  Ingleside House was different; they seemed to truly understand their local market and position within the destination. Cirencester, is in the heart of the Cotswolds, it is beautiful, aspirational and extremely affluent – Ingleside House reflects all these features, ensuring that it will appeal to local businesses as well as those from afar.

And finally – what appealed to me most was hearing an attendee ask the owner whether they have a price list.  His response was to talk about their holistic service based approach.  He was honest and acknowledged the existence of such a tool but commented that they prefer to understand the client’s needs, goals and budget before considering the costs.

Next time you are in the area I urge you to drop by.


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