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Leave your ego at home

Much like any other form of marketing, PR requires an understanding of your target market.  During the first part of a campaign, Soaring PR focus on and delight in understanding our new clients and their targets.  This allows us to reach the right people with the right messages.  As time goes on we re-visit and update these targets , ensuring the campaign remains fresh and focused.

Why am I saying this?

Because we recently had a conversation  with a business who firmly believed they needed and deserved national broadsheet coverage.  After some in-depth research we gently persuaded them that there were other areas they should consider – industry press, B2B publications, the internet and regional titles. 

Why – because both our research and their findings clearly showed this was the media influencing their potential clients?

Leave your egos at home…

Before setting PR goals it is imperative that you leave your ego at home and step back from your company. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Is it me or my services that need the coverage?

  2. Does our business really need national or international coverage?

Firstly (in most cases), if you let your ego  become involved and constantly push yourself as a person rather than your expertise and the company as a whole, it is unlikely that the press or the readers will be interested.  There is a fine balance here for those businesses that rely on the personalities of their directors – the trick is to chose the right elements for the campaign.  It is your services, experience and abilities that count – not your social calendar . 

Secondly, too many people think that only national press coverage is worthwhile.  Ask yourself whether it is worth wasting the time striving for two lines in the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal, compared to a full page in a well read local newspaper or industry publication.  And be realistic – do you have a good enough story, are the national press likely to write about you and your business?


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