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After our last newsletter and the post a few weeks ago on the presentation for Positive Impact, I have had several requests asking about “greenwashing”… They range from in-depth challenges to the more simple: what is it?  Hopefully I can answer them all in a selection of posts over the coming months.

So what is Greenwashing?

Put simply, Greenwashing , rather like whitewashing is the practice of covering over something a little dirty and unpleasant, with something clean, bright and environmentally friendly  in an effort to make it more appealing.

There are a variety of ways to achieve this – from exaggeration and dodgy figures to all out lying.  Hence those sins mentioned before and repeated below, which I plan to cover off in more detail over the coming months.

The six sins…

  1. The sin  of the hidden trade off

  2. The sin of no proof

  3. The sin of vagueness

  4. The sin if irrelevance

  5. The sin of fibbing

  6. The sin of the lesser of two evils


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