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Got a blockage?

Writer’s block is not pleasant.  It can strike at anytime and affects even the most prolific writers, PRs and journalists .

I spent last Saturday at a creative writing course at the New Brewery Arts Centre in Cirencester.  Whilst the course itself was focused on poetry and meditation, many of the skills were transferable, in particular that of speed writing.  In fact – for those with other interests, it is my understanding (but not my experience) that this process can help in a whole host of other creative art forms.

Our tutor, poet  and writer, Swithin Fry, talked us through the key elements before giving us time to practice for ourselves.

So what is it?

  1. Start by finding somewhere comfortable to sit, with a pen that flows and a few pages of A4.

  2. Start writing …………. and don’t stop!

  3. Write whatever comes into your head – no matter how private, complex or banal.  Whatever you do, don’t stop.  If you cannot think what to say – write that down!

  4. Listen to your internal dialogue, follow the words and put them on paper .  They don’t need to have anything to do with the subject you ultimately wish to cover.

  5. Continue for around 800 -1000 words – three sides of A4 (ish). 

  6. Don’t show the content to anyone – if you think it might help, file it under lock and key  – if not, recycle the paper. 

  7. Stop – take a breather. 

For some, just doing this once will help.  For others it might take a few days or weeks. 

For those wishing to write more frequently, continue the process on a daily basis – the difference will be substantial.  Your creativity  will soar and the act of writing without focus will help clear your blockages.

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