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Finalise the offering

We all want to talk about our latest service and it is fine to discuss future events/services whilst they are in development.

BEWARE however of announcing/offering services and taking payment for them if they are not quite ready or going through a gradual opening/release phase.   Maybe a software giant like Microsoft can get away with updates and releases on the fly but not everyone is so lucky.

Take the Soma Lake Palace in Kerala, India (visited during a recent trip).  Depending on which member of staff we talked to it was either: 3, 2 or 1 month since opening.  Aside from the fact that it would make life less confusing if all the staff told the same story, it would have been useful to know in advance exactly what was and what was not available.

I am sure in another few months it will be fantastic.  However, the reality was a half finished job.  Still luxurious, still beautiful…but not what the sales, pr and marketing teams are communicating to the public.

Communications professionals, whether internal or external, have a responsibility to the customer. A responsibility that should outweigh management’s desire to get a story out there, particularly if the result is disappointment and animosity amongst the clients.


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