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Cirencester Opportunity Group unveil a plaque thanking local Round Table

This morning Cirencester Opportunity Group unveiled a plaque thanking Cirencester Round Table for their support over recent years. Recently Round Table were instrumental in providing much needed funds for the creation and installation of a Play Pod in the Opportunity Group’s garden. This however represents just one element of their support, which totals nearly £10,000 over the last five years including projects to refurbish the kitchen and re-roof various buildings on site.

“The Opportunity Group is close to our hearts,” comments Round Table vice chair Chris Hill. “It is run by a dedicated team, who work tirelessly to enrich the lives of the children attending the school. We are delighted to have supported them and look forward to seeing the children make the most of our donations.”

Centre Manager Lyn Cole said: “We are delighted to have the ongoing support of Round Table, they give a great deal to the community and in particular The Opportunity Group. As a relatively small charity looking after a range of children including many with special needs we are a true community organisation, which simply couldn’t function without such support.”

Round Table’s other vice chair and secretary, Adam Baggs concludes: “We are a small group of young men looking for ways to give back to the community and support local charities, whilst having fun and a lot of banter. We are currently looking for two things and urge the residents of Cirencester to help where they can. Firstly, we would love to grow our membership so please get in touch if having fun and giving back to the community sound appealing – and secondly we are looking for more local charities and good causes to support. If you can help with either please get in touch via


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