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Bowood House Hotel

I just keep looking for excuses to go back to this hotel.  The stunning location, great golf course, beautiful parkland are a given.  It is the other elements that really matter.

There is a sense of understated luxury about the whole place.  No excess or overwhelming amounts of bling – just relaxing shades, comfortable quiet spaces and a feeling that you’re really somewhere special.

  1. Bedrooms – spacious, well appointed and very comfortable.

  2. Restaurant – excellent food, exciting fusion of flavours and some superb cocktail options.  My only concern is the menu could be limited if you stayed too long.

  3. Spa – to be fair, when we visited it was empty so it provided an unparallel level of privacy and luxury.

  4. Local Area – We didn’t leave the confines of the park.  But that wasn’t an issue as Bowood House was on hand for a mornings exercise and viewing.  Bath though is fairly close as is Longleat.

Whatever else, if you go for a visit take the time to enjoy it.

Note: Soaring Worldwide are privileged to travel and dine in a variety of places around the world.  The above establishment is not a client, simply somewhere we wanted to share with our readers.


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