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Top 5 Tips: Social Media

It’s a brave new world out there as technology becomes more and more advanced but if you’re not taking advantage of social media yet, then why not? Social media can be a fantastic tool to support your business in this modern age.

We love social media here at Soaring Worldwide so here are our top five tips for your social media channels!

  1. Get everyone involved.

The odds are you have one person in the office who is considered the ‘social media guru’ and they are responsible for all social media channels across the business. They shouldn’t be.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for all of your employees to take advantage of when it comes to social media. One of your team may be meeting a client, another may have just achieved something remarkable – give them the social media reins and let them tweet and post. Keeping the channels fixed to one employee will hold you back. Show some trust and let everyone play their part.

  1. Don’t feel the need to do it all

If you have been told that you need to be on EVERY social media channel that ever existed to succeed then please ignore that advice – it just isn’t true.

If you have the manpower to manage lots of different social media channels then by all means give it a go. But often it can really be a case of spreading yourself too thin. Surely it would make more sense to be a master of few rather than a master of none? Not all channels will suit all businesses.

Not sure where to start? Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all safe bets when choosing your audience.

  1. Do not become a robot

Scheduled tweets are fine but don’t overdo it and don’t come across as an automated channel because it will switch people off!

For a few clients we schedule in generic tweets that keep their accounts ‘ticking over’ with useful information and website links BUT you still need to work around those with fresh content and manual interaction. And please DO NOT use automated direct messages when someone follows or likes you. They are incredibly impersonal and most will see it as spam. Why not send them a personal message which refers directly to them? A little love can go a long way.

  1. Take it on the chin

If you work with customers and consumers then be ready to take a few blows on the chin and take them as they come. If you take the easy way out and ignore, or even worse delete, a comment then you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Customer service is huge these days and social media can play a massive role with that. If someone has a legitimate complaint then talk to them and be professional – the likelihood is that they will respect you for it and the situation will be diffused. If you delete the comment, then what does that say about you caring about your audience?

Having said that – pick your battles. Often a comment will be there to simply get a rise from you and you don’t need to give these the time of day. Know the appropriate time to take action or stand back avoiding the addition of fuel to the fire.

  1. Share the love

We are sure that you have amazing content you’d like to share around the social media universe but there’s no harm in sharing content from elsewhere too.

Whether it’s a client, partner or an industry blogger – if they are writing something interesting and you believe it would be go down well with your audience then carry it on your social media channels and credit back to its original source. Not only will this create healthy relationships with others, but it will give you more content than ever before. They might even share your content next time…

So there you have it. A few tips for your business’ social media. We wrote a piece about getting the best from Twitter not so long ago, check it out here. What would your advice be for other businesses looking to take the plunge with social media?

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