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The Power of Videos

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google. It allows unregistered users to watch millions of hour’s worth of videos while registered users can upload an unlimited amount of videos. says that 24 hours worth of video is uploaded onto YouTube every minute and that it exceeds 2 billion views a day. The variety of videos posted covers everything you can imagine. There are music videos, compilations of photos of animals, how to videos, celebrity blogs, tutorials, news articles and educational videos. The list goes on.

In terms of business and corporate videos, 94 of the top 100 of Advertising Ages’ top advertisers have run campaigns via YouTube. Even US President Barack Obama ran a series of videos for his presidential campaign.

Whether you are filming an advertising campaign or recording an interview with an industry professional, videos are a clear and entertaining way of getting information across. As the audience is so wide – over 23 countries across 24 different languages – there is not a shortage of viewers either. It just goes to show how powerful videos really are.

With the huge surge in participants in the video world, it is imperative to stay on trend and use this valuable tool for the promotion of your business and its products. As a business, we are increasing the number of videos we produce for clients in order to help them reach a wider audience. We create, edit and manage videos for your business and promote them via our social media platforms. It’s a quick and easy way of talking to our clients and potential clients on a daily basis.

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