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PR and communication is about teaching as much it is about learning. An ongoing change is technology which is shifting the way people consume news. It is therefore important that businesses adopt new technologies and new media platforms to expand the scope of their marketing and the audience they reach.

Not all businesses realise the potential of social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, or they are afraid of experimenting with it. But there is value in using social media as part of a wider marketing strategy. As communications specialists it is our job to educate businesses about social media and how they can benefit from it.

Social media enables companies to develop a strong online presence and facilitates instant engagement with their target audience. On one level, it can be used for the promotion and broadcasting of interesting news on a daily basis, while on another level it allows relationships to be built with existing and potential clients. Social media is a powerful tool which many companies have used to successfully promote themselves and their products. For example, Dell is one of only a few companies that can boast of a return on investment from their Twitter campaign, which can be primarily credited to the “Dell Outlet” campaign. In addition to multiple Twitter handles, they used a network of informational blogs and had an active presence on Facebook. This led to more than $1 million in revenue.

Not every company will achieve the same results but it shows how an online presence can increase awareness and sales.

At Soaring Worldwide, we understand that not all of our clients will understand online marketing tools but we’re keen to teach them how they can use it to their advantage. We’ve run some successful social media seminars in the local area. And we plan to expand these by offering more hands-on sessions in future so people can see the power of online marketing for themselves. After all, seeing is believing.


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