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Soaring ‘giving something back’

Ahead of the Easter weekend, the Soaring Worldwide team could be found bag packing in the Cirencester branch of Waitrose in an effort to raise money for local charities.

It’s something we have done before with our last bag packing session at Christmas but on this occasion we helped the Rotary Club raise a whopping £1,090.50! That money will be distributed to various charities in the local area.

A big well done to Adam, Stew, Beth, Rich, Sarah and James for taking time out to meet customers, help them with their shopping and generally wish Easter greetings ahead of what was a fantastic spring weekend.

We are big on supporting charities both on a global and local scale. You can read more about some of the work we do here.

If you’re in the local area and you want to give something back to the community then make contact with the Rotary Club here or even just drop us a message and we will help to put you in touch!

It’s not just on a local level that we are working with charities however. Recently we have been donating money towards entrepreneurs across the world looking to take their first steps onto the business ladder with Care International UK’s initiative Lendwithcare.

Lendwithcare is currently active in places such as in Togo, Benin, The Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Zambia and Rwanda. Our latest donation went towards setting up a farm in Vietnam but previous success has included the setup of a second hand baby clothing business in Pakistan.

This is a great way to get involved in charity work and to effectively ‘give something back’. If you want to learn more about Lendwithcare then head to


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