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So why are we different?

As we move around, visiting various potential clients, attending networking events etc we talk a great deal about why we are different – what we actually do.  I thought it might be worth mentioning some of those thoughts here.  This is not how about who we do it – instead it is about what we are actually trying to achieve.

Firstly, we do not churn out press releases  at every single opportunity, we don’t desperately search for news in an effort to promote our clients.  Instead, our goal  with each and every client is to turn them into thoughts leaders, guru s and credible experts. 

We take client ideas and knowledge and spread that through the public domain.  We focus on unknown experts, people and companies that are quietly leading their field but not making the most of that fact.  We take the time to understand what they are doing, where they want to go, what they want to focus on.  Then, through a targeted series of letters, comments, features, speaker sessions – and even the odd press release  we spread the word.

This method is ultimately a fairly subtle approach, clients become know for the right reasons – as industry leaders.  Their names become synonymous with forthright comment; thoughts and ideas that move their industry forward and by association their own business.

But does it work?

I think the following quote from Anthony at the Barbican answers that questions…

“Whilst a 1,800% return on our investment confirmed the campaign’s success, feedback shows that a host of leads have been generated as a direct result of editorial. Anecdotally, team members, particularly myself have been greeted at industry events by strangers saying: I know you; you’re all over the press…”


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