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Silence Speaks

I mentioned in the “Got a Blockage” post that I had recently attended a superb creative writing  course.  Well the organisers are running another, also in Cirencester, Glos. and I highly recommend it…

SILENCE SPEAKS Saturday March 28 10am – 4pm

Swithin Fry and Catherine Lucas

‘All creativity comes out of inner spaciousness’ Eckhart Tolle

Can’t get started or don’t know where to start? In the Silence Speaks workshop we’ll be sharing tried and tested techniques to shift any creative blocks. We’ll get your creativity flowing and give you a step-by-step plan to keep it flowing.

Is your inner critic drowning you out? Bring it along and learn how to befriend it, work with it.

This will be set against the backdrop of stilling the mind through meditation  and body awareness to get in touch with your inner, unique, creative voice.

If you would like further information, please email

£37 For bookings: New Brewery Arts Centre 01285.657 181


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