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Politics and its foggy future

Soaring Worldwide’s James Brown on modern day politics and its foggy future.

I don’t know about you but when I vote in a General Election, I vote based on policies and promises that I believe will help my country become a better place to live. I would imagine most people see it that way but times are changing and politics does little to map out a clear path for us all anymore.

I’m 29 and for the first time I’m not really sure who or what I’m going to vote for when the time next finally comes for us to choose.

It has become increasingly hard to look past the drama of debates and elections to find the real information you need to make an educated decision about how you want to vote. That’s politics now though, isn’t it? A TV drama played out across all forms of media – you only need to look at the US Presidential Election to see that. The ‘characters’ in the drama have become far more important than the ‘plot’ and that’s sad. I’m not saying that I don’t think charisma and personality is important in politics, because it really is, but when it overshadows the policies and hides the truth then it becomes a problem.

On November 8th we will learn whether Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton is to become the new US President. Whether you like it or not, that decision will have an impact on us and the rest of the world. I’ll be very straightforward and say that, for me, Trump becoming President is a terrifying thought so, by default, I have to say I hope Hilary Clinton comes out on top. It seems the polls agree with me following several interesting but ludicrous television debates but I’m pretty sure the polls were heavily in favour of us remaining in the EU before the decision was made to leave. My point is that no-one really knows what is going to happen these days. Policies and fact come second to personality and charisma in modern politics so predicting anything is instantly more difficult. I still believe there will be another President Clinton in the White House in the near future but the fact that Trump is even in the race says a lot about modern politics.

Within our own shores, I still remain completely lost to who or what I will vote for. The Conservatives shroud themselves in mystery whilst Labour don’t even have their own house in order. UKIP are playing Punch & Judy in Europe whilst the Liberal Democrats…well they’re just being the Lib Dems and don’t seem to even be on the radar…perhaps that’s their plan…

I’ll definitely vote when the time comes of course but just once – it would be nice to know what I’m voting for without the background noise of a television drama muddying the waters.

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