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Introducing…. Cerys Rogers

After a whirlwind first week at Soaring Worldwide I am assured, “It’s not always quite this hectic!”. My name is Cerys and I’m a new apprentice at Soaring. Excitingly, I have this opportunity to share my voice each week and illustrate my experiences as a Digital Marketing and PR apprentice.

And, if this week is anything to go by, I’m confident there will be plenty to share!

To start, I think it is fitting to explain why I chose to do an apprenticeship. While university is a practical and popular route to take after school, it doesn’t convince me so soon after compulsory education. Finishing my A – Level’s was immensely liberating, and it was unexpectedly so. I deeply enjoy learning, but by the end I was very bored of the whole ‘school’ thing i.e. regurgitating the right information in the right way. I shared much frustration with my peers, but we understood that was just how it’s done. While not to the same extent, university still has elements of this. If I chose that route now I might become resentful of learning and squander all that (very expensive) time.

Then, to be awkward (and here is where this apprenticeship comes in) I still felt like I wasn’t ready to give up learning completely. Amongst the uncertainty, the one thing I did know was I wanted to get some hands-on-experience, and was eager to enter the workplace. It became quickly evident I could expect the right apprenticeship to provide a very happy medium.

Here at Soaring, I can already see this apprenticeship ticks all my boxes; learning opportunities – check, real world experience – check, the chance to travel – check… I could keep going.

I don’t think I need further convincing beyond this first week. Monday – I visited the World Travel Market to assist at a press conference for the West African Nation of Cabo Verde and was fortunate to meet the Minister, Director General and Ambassador for Tourism. By Wednesday I had my first day at college where I kicked-off the course with a photography module and got to meet some great new people. By Friday, it was not a day in the office, but instead a day-off at the spa. Nevertheless, I think it counts towards a great first week as by the end I had been restored and primed ready to start it all over again next week.


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