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Give A Little, Make Your Mark.

£32,620,469. That was the figure confirmed by the BBC’s ‘Children In Need’ after Saturday night. A record breaking year for the charity and a clear testament to Britain’s generosity and heart.

Those sat at home watching the show couldn’t fail to be touched by some of the heartbreaking and yet faith restoring stories that were put before us. It is for that reason that Soaring Worldwide itself supported the cause – one we truly believe in.

Every penny of that monumental figure will help to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people throughout the UK. In fact, Children In Need helps to support over 2,600 projects throughout the UK 365 days a year and to be a part of that is something special. Bad news dominates the headlines but this is one shining light of what can be done to aid those less fortunate than ourselves.

So why should you donate? There are so many reasons and far too many stories to tell but you can read how your money is being used by heading to There are personal stories about the difference we are making by simply donating a small amount every year to this fantastic cause.

Will we be donating again next year? Yes. Will we look at doing more? Yes. Should you donate next year? Please do.

You can still donate to Children In Need. Click here to find out how.

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