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Getting to grips with it all

This week has felt hugely productive and I’m beginning to see some real prospects that could come from this apprenticeship; what the end goal might be. Such clarity comes from this week’s events.

Starting first thing Monday, we had a meeting with my college tutor. We chatted through exactly what I need to do in working towards my qualification and some of the ways I could get there. I was surprised how flexible the apprenticeship side of the course is. We decided what criteria would best line-up with my responsibilities at Soaring. The idea is to then provide evidence for completion of each of them, but the candidate is given almost complete autonomy over how evidence for them gets presented. Videos, blogs, photos and sound are all perfectly acceptable forms of evidence – even email chains count!

This ‘getting to grips with the course’ continued Wednesday at college where I began work on the mandatory course modules. A further explanation of the course syllabus was an added benefit (it’s a bit oddly worded) and I feel confident understanding what it’s asking for. As I don’t take ICT with my class, I was treated to help with my CV instead, making sure it was all up to date, accurate and engaging. By the end of the day, I had clarity on my long-term goals and even what I might need to achieve them.

The rest of the week was occupied with keeping on top of our client’s social channels. Extra attention is still being paid to our newest clients, PhoneKick, as we are continuing to oversee their marketing campaign. As we promote and drive awareness of their brand, the goal is to raise their website traffic as much as we can.

I’m looking forward now to next week when I’ll be attending my first industry event. It’s the ABPCO AGM and Excellence Awards and, as they are our client we are responsible for creating content to share later. My focus will be taking photos and drafting tweets, while it’s likely Adam would be filming Vox pop’s and collecting details of the event for press releases later. Regardless of what we’re doing I’m thrilled for a brand new, professional experience.

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