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Five Quick Tips For Your Twitter Account

Most businesses use Twitter these days – it is the world’s favourite social media network and quite honestly the number one place for breaking news in today’s modern world.

But do you use it to its full potential for your business?

Here are our five top tips to get your Twitter account noticed.

  1. Make sure your profile is complete

Okay, so this one sounds a very basic tip but you would be surprised how many professionals or businesses leave their account incomplete. Ensure your account uses the company logo, or at least an image well suited to what your service is and try using your branding to its full potential. If a follower can tell you’re an official account based on the imagery and branding then you are already onto a winner.

Don’t forget to fill out your profile information too! You don’t need to write a novel but get your key services and skills in there so followers know just what to expect from your account and make sure you include a website link if you have one! Twitter will ask for lots of information when you first create an account – make sure you aren’t missing anything.

  1. Follow but not just everyone and anyone

It’s easy to get addicted to the number of followers your Twitter account has (trust us, it’s always a nice feeling!) but don’t just follow anyone for the sake of it. If you’re a security company for example then find your partners, competitors, bloggers, journalists, industry professionals and follow them. But do you really need to follow Maggie from South Devon who just randomly followed you on Wednesday? We are sure she will get over it…

Make sure those who you follow mean something to your business and make sure you interact with them!

  1. Grow a thick skin

So, now your Twitter account is out there you are going to be open to the entire digital universe and it can be a funny old world out there.

Depending on what your business is, you may face criticism and complaints on a daily basis. Most tweets will be constructive criticism. But every now and then you will no doubt read something that gets your back up – don’t let it. Customer-facing accounts in particular have to put up with a lot of negative tweets aimed at them and sometimes it may be tempting to draft a reply back – don’t. One error in judgement can bring about unnecessary trouble and you will be the one getting the blame.

Construct professional responses aimed at finding out the problem and solving it – but always remain professional. If you’re seen to be trying to help then you have nothing to fear. Alternatively, if it’s plain abuse you’re receiving then just ignore it – it won’t be your time the angry tweeter will be wasting…

  1. Don’t go quiet

This is a simple one. If your Twitter account has been silent for some time then the likelihood is that you will start to lose followers and, when that happens, you will lose influence.

Every business has a lull in how busy they are but there are always ways to get interesting tweets out there to keep your account ticking over. Why not try pre-scheduled tweeting to ensure there is always something on your timeline? It could be fun facts about your business, upcoming events or maybe even links to interesting areas of your website. It’s important that a Twitter account is reactive but there’s nothing wrong with constructing a spine of tweets to support you.

It depends on what kind of business you are of course but don’t be afraid to have fun. Are your employees having a bake sale? Are you doing something for charity? Or maybe even a team day out? Take pictures and share.

  1. Interact and engage

Don’t forget – you’re not the only business or individual on twitter wanting love! Try retweeting news from your industry, other businesses’ updates and interact with them. Show the love and you will receive some back.

A lot of accounts an get bogged down with pure news coming out of that business but a really strong account shares updates from all around its sector or market – if someone reads the latest news because of your retweet then kudos to you!

Has a client won an award? Has partner, employee or client have some good news? Send them a tweet to say well done. A friendly twitter account is a popular twitter account.

So there you have it – our five top tips for setting up your business twitter account. But there are so many more ways to use Twitter well. What are your tips and tricks when it comes to tweeting?


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