Finding my voice

It’s the end of week two here at Soaring and I’m feeling very positive. After such a wild start to my apprenticeship; attending the World Travel Market on Monday all the way through to a much-needed spa trip on Friday; this week turned out to be a better match to my pace.

Monday was a day to catch up on everything assigned since I started. My boss was away in Prague until Thursday so had left me with some tasks I could do to get ahead on. Much of my work was finishing jobs I’d started, doing research for a writing piece and working through tutorials for Hootsuite, a tool for part of my future work.

Tuesday was spent out of office as a moving day. In between applying for this apprenticeship and starting it, I decided it was far more practical to move closer to the office meaning I could secure a crucial extra hour in bed each morning!

Wednesday was spent at college. The topic this week was, appropriately, social media. Our tutor shared ways to best maximise growth & exposure across social channels both for ourselves as well as any clients. I found it comprehensive and could see there was the prospect for application at work.

Across yesterday and today, there were opportunities to discuss some of my key role responsibilities. I’d had a go at writing some content for different clients across the week and now needed to review it with Adam. Through this review, I got to understand that while the variety of work we do is huge, there is often a certain, predetermined set of criteria that apply. While talking through it all we applied it to pieces I had written. The other important part of writing is matching to each client’s ‘voice’. Now, my understanding of the process has improved and at the end of this week I’m feeling confident about my role here at Soaring.