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CRN membership increases by 18%

Membership of the

Congress Rental Network (CRN), a worldwide network of top quality event industry suppliers, has increased 18% in the last two years. It has also seen interest in membership grow with a significant increase in the number of application it receives.

CRN now has 42 members across 40 countries around the world. The most recent countries to join include Singapore, Mexico and Chile, as well as its latest member from Russia. CRN’s core operating area is Europe but it has been encouraged by the number of companies applying to join from outside this region, particularly those from Latin America and Asia.

To maintain its position as the leading network of congress systems suppliers, potential members undergo an in-depth vetting process which includes analysis of their business structure, technical knowledge and customer services. CRN membership provides a wealth of benefits including additional marketing and networking opportunities and access to other member companies with which they can share technical knowledge. Above all though, due to the strict entry criteria, membership provides credibility.

CRN chairperson Panagiotis Podimatas comments: “As one of the leading providers of congress system services it is crucial to have members in countries across the world. We recently appointed new members from Belgium, Ukraine and Russia, and we always welcome applications from new companies, particularly those from countries where our business is growing. However, we pride ourselves on offering first class services so any potential members must meet our strict entry criteria. If a company is successful in its application it is recognition of its expertise and position as a world class supplier of congress system services.”


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