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Certification International incorporates Exero Beyond into assessment process

Certification International, a leader in the field of assessment and certification of international, national and industry standards, has incorporated a new auditing software system – Exero Beyond – into its assessment processes.

Exero Beyond has been created to evaluate the compliance of an organisation’s management system against a range of standards, and it offers a pioneering approach to auditing. Certification International has introduced the system in order to advance the delivery of its third party certification services.

Exero Beyond collates input from all participants throughout an organisation without the disruption normally endured during traditional auditing. The multi-level system reports on all areas and processes within a company. In an organisation – where further investigation may be required – third party certification assessors can use this data to focus their onsite audit visit to target the areas and processes highlighted.

Certification International’s managing director John Pymer says: “The introduction of Exero Beyond provides us with a truly advanced approach to assessment and certification. It allows as many people as an organisation wants to participate so we achieve a better picture than can be gathered from face-to-face interviews and looking at records. This means that during an onsite visit an auditor’s focus can be directed to the areas and processes that need most attention. Its biggest benefit to clients is that it saves them both time and money whilst providing a true insight into their operational workings – highlighting opportunities for improvement and bringing to light potential risks and threats. Our aim has always been to exceed client expectations and Exero Beyond ensures that we can take this commitment to a new level.”

Certification International is a UKAS accredited organisation with more than 5,000 clients in 26 countries. It provides assessment, analysis and certification services to companies of all sizes across a wide range of standards. For further information about Certification International and its services visit


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