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Case studies galore!

It’s unbelievable that it’s been just three weeks since I started at Soaring as an apprentice – it feels like months! I think it’s testimony to how easily I’ve been able to settle in here. Bit by bit I’m getting a good grasp of the work with this week being no exception. Monday was filled with lots of writing after meeting CIA Fire & Security last Thursday where they’d asked for a set of case studies to add to their website.

My work on the case studies included detailing information on each project and writing a short, coherent testimonial. Adam also increased my other responsibilities – managing a wider number of social media channels for our clients. I often still need to check I’m posting the right thing but in time, once I’m familiar, it will solely be my responsibility. Tuesday was busy with more writing, amending and condensing for the case studies. They fit a standard layout so need to be a certain length and still hold the right content. Unfortunately, by Wednesday college was missed by sickness, but from the comfort of my bed I tried to catch up on some admin at least.

I hauled myself to the office on Thursday and was glad about doing so; being busy and helpful kept me nicely distracted. I was introduced to how we upload client news as well as how and where we share it post-upload. Other tasks for the day were formatting the case studies to the specified layout. In addition, one of the main news stories for the day was about increased numbers of fraud cases on Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. Opportunely, this was relevant to our newest client, so we followed up the stories in some of the national’s and attempted to get them some airtime on BBC Radio 2. This continued Friday, building an aggressive campaign quickly so we could aim for maximum exposure over the Black Friday weekend.

Just this afternoon I was shown the way we create primary research and sort through resultant data. Clients request information to be gathered on certain topics held by a target demographic and we construct surveys to collect it. The expectation is that the results will work in favour of the client’s agenda, so we can write some follow-up content on it for them to publish. I’m pleased with how everything is going so far here and, I’m keen for some new opportunities approaching soon in our next month.


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