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Soaring Worldwide encouraging charity involvement

Cirencester-based Soaring Worldwide is encouraging other businesses to get involved in charity work on both a local and global level.

Cirencester Opportunity Group, Rotary Club and the Roundtable are three Cirencester charities that Soaring Worldwide currently support. But on a more international scale, the company has donated money towards entrepreneurs across the world looking to take their first steps onto the business ladder with Care International UK’s initiative Lendwithcare.

“Lendwithcare is a charity initiative close to my heart due to my experiences of setting up my own business,” comments Soaring Worldwide creative director and founder Adam Baggs. “The idea is to donate money to entrepreneurs based in some of the world’s poorest countries so they can set up their own business. It is hoped that this money will help them create their own livelihood and improve their living conditions. It’s not about us preaching about what people should do but it’s also important to recognise that many of us are in a position to help those with what is just a small donation.”

Lendwithcare is currently active in Togo, Benin, The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ecuador, Malawi, Pakistan, Zambia and Rwanda. Soaring Worldwide’s latest donation went towards setting up a farm in Vietnam but previous success has included the setup of a second hand baby clothing business in Pakistan.

“If other businesses don’t already consider this then I would encourage them to,” Adam continued. “Lendwithcare is an important initiative but it’s also important to recognise that local charities need support too and we are very proud of our association with the Cirencester Opportunity Group, Rotary Club and the Roundtable. As a company we take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) very seriously.”

If you would like more information on Care International UK’s Lendwithcare initiative then please visit

Soaring Worldwide is a Cirencester-based strategic communications and PR agency which specialises in the security and events industry with key clients including the Barbican, The Meetings Show and Church House Conference Centre.


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